PW32: Environment Variables

Below is the table describing environment variable which control configuration of PW32 (i.e. runtime library itself) or used by it to perform API requests.

Note: you may set none variables and still get sane behaviour. However, proper setup is recommended.

Idiosyncratic variables

PW32_PREFIX Directory, where PW32 is installed (POSIX path syntax)
ROOT_DRV Partition (drive) mounted as root (/). You should set this to partition where your $(prefix) is. If you don't set this, current drive will be treated as root, so you'll be ok if you'll keep yourself within single drive.
MNT_PNT Mount point to support Cygwin's way of accessing arbitrary partitions. File on partition <drive> will be accessed as $(MNT_PNT)/<drive>/<path>, e.g. if set MNT_PNT=/cygdrive, /cygdrive/e/dir/file.txt would be "valid" path. Note that such way of accessing other partitions is deprecated. Use /mnt_<drive>/<path> instead. Value of MNT_PNT must begin with '/' and not end with it! Default value '/' will give (deprecated even by Cygwin) syntax //<drive>/<path> .
USER Your login name (takes precedence over LOGNAME)
GROUP Your group name
STRACE Enable strace facility for programs if debugging version of pw32.dll is active. Syntax:
Valid options are:
  • log:('common'|'perprocess') - log all data to common file, strace, or separate for each process, strace.<pid>
  • prefix: path - prefix for log, /var/log/pw32/ is default
  • level: number - maximum recursion level when logging
  • facilities: bitmask - subsystems to log

POSIX variables

TZ You should set this to negative of your GMT offset to get local time correctly deduced. E.g. TZ=-02:00 for Europe (GMT+2). Read susv2 for more information.
HOME Path to your home directory.
LOGNAME Your login name

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